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Why ?

to conduct their artistic work like any other profession by engaging directly with people, whether the person is an institution or the man in the street.

to have a democratic pricing system and, in line with this principle, to have complete autonomy when it comes to the estimated value of works.

to be as free as possible to stage their work; at arqontanporin there isn’t a screen between the artists and the public. 

How ?

by setting up as independents, by opening their studio to the public, by being well respected, the couple set themselves the challenge of turning their profession into an occupation that has a place in society.

by taking the liberty of showing projects that are successful as well as those that are less successful, by displaying all the creative stages, the artists’ work is rid of the notion of beauty in favour of truth.

by setting prices that are accessible to everyone.

For whom ?

for shoppers who enjoy strolling around the historic centre of Liège.
for your living room wall.
for someone looking for a gift.
for an art lover.
for an exhibition.
for a company wanting to decorate its offices.
for a school or institution.
for a museum.